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Gone are the days where many heavy concrete blocks were stacked to test for pile capability. The STATRAPID, a new rapid load testing equipment, is an alternative to the traditional Static Load Testing method.
The STATRAPID Testing Method was developed based on principles from the Rapid Load Testing process, and can lift weights up to four metres high.
With the STATRAPID, the construction process is faster and lighter, and uses less labour. Leading to a lower carbon footprint.

STATRAPID replace the time consuming stacking of conrete weights of the kentledge tests

Capable to test any pile for its bearing capacity and stiffness

Singapore Housing Project

For the construction of almost 2000 housing units in Singapore, 3,732 bore piles ranging from 500mm
to 1200mm were to be installed.

Instrumented Rapid Pile Load Tests were implemented on the Singapore construction site to
complement traditional kentledge pile load tests and enhance site productivity. STATRAPID load
testing was successfully implemented and hundreds of man-days in productivity was gained at the end
of the construction project.